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Mushroom Man of Peotone LLC

Morel Mushroom (M. rufobrunnea) Grow Kit with Free Ship + Made of 92% Biodegradable Plastic

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This Blushing Morel (species: morchella rufobrunnea) mushroom grow kit is a living mushroom kit, that arrives growing inside the sealed bag. The kit is planted outdoors per the included directions. This is a pure culture isolate of Morchella rufobrunnea, grown on sterilized substrate.

Ask me anything - friendly growing support is always provided free with purchase of my Easy-to-grow mushroom growing kits. Regular size kit sows 8 square feet, Large size kit sows 20 square feet. Kits take average of 35 days to fully colonize the contents of the sealed bag and be ready for use.

The morel spawn in this kit is sowed by preparing a tilled, bare soil mound of any length. A shallow channel is dug in the center of the mound and the morel spawn is planted along its length. The spawn is then covered by soil and moist, shaded conditions maintained per the included instructions.

For more inhospitable zones, my detailed instructions will provide you with methods to create shade, preserve moisture, and hold a layer of humid fresh air directly over the bed even in inhospitable zones. If you don't have a "perfect" spot for morels you can create it using my tips. Even in a full sun environment and dry area, or an area with harsh winters, it is possible to grow morels.

Kits are created at the time the order is received.

• at 2 weeks, white mycelium appears and begins to spread

• at 4 weeks, rapid growth and full colonization of the growing kit contents, plant when fully colonized.

Plan to plant outdoors during Spring-Summer-Fall, at least one month before a winter freeze. Plan to plant outdoors during late summer to autumn, for a springtime morel grow. For an autumn morel grow, plant to plant early spring to summer.

One morel mushroom grow kit will sow an approximate 3x3 area on a rounded mound of soil per the included written instructions.


One of the most commonly asked questions by mushroom growing beginners is "how do I grow morels?" It was my question as well, when I started years ago.

There are morel products marketed online which make claims such as "guaranteed to produce" and "contain millions of spores" or "spore seeds" or some similar language. These drop-shipped items are typically considered useless by folks who actually grow mushrooms. I'm quite serious. I've never known anyone that said they had luck with dry, sterilized seed coated in morel spores. Mention a morel kit or "morel seeds" on a mushroom growing forum and often the immediate response is "it's a scam!"

The planting method in the written instructions is adapted from morel cultivation research paper titled "Multi-omic analyses of exogenous nutrient bag decomposition by the black morel Morchella importuna reveal sustained carbon acquisition and transferring" by Hao Tan and multiple authors. This method was published 2019 in the journal Environmental Microbiology. (Don't worry - my directions are written to be easy to follow.)

Mushroom growing is a passion for me and I'm a one person shop. The only things I sell are products that I actually do create and use myself.

Mushroom cultivators use liquid culture or grain spawn to grow mushrooms, not $12 seed packets from overseas. By comparison, my morel kit is a 3 lb living block of mycelium grown in a sterilized exogenous nutrition bag that will grow rapidly and visibly inside the sealed bag. When it's ready, it is sown per the included directions.

My shop was built around me, providing straightforward information about my products directly to my customers. My reputation is in my Etsy store feedback.

My kit is axenic Morchella grown on sterilized substrate. You can watch it grow. Morels cannot be guaranteed to produce, and may bear fruit in time if the mycelium is able to establish where planted. While my indoor mushroom kits are guaranteed to produce, outdoor kits cannot be guaranteed to produce in all conditions.


All Mushroom Man of Peotone's grow kits come with a small carbon footprint: • Biodegradable plastic mushroom grow bags used exclusively.

• Dry-bagging manufacturing process uses only 0.75 gallon of fresh water to produce each mushroom kit using clean electric heat.

• 100% natural substrate of oats and clean hardwood sawdust.

• Shipped via U. S. Postal Service Priority Mail with eco-friendly packaging.

• Replenish the Earth with natural fungi.


Mushrooms are low in calories, high in protein content, high in beta-glucan content, low in sodium, cholesterol-free, full of micronutrients, and are considered a superfood. Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Low Carb, Keto, Paleo diets all love mushrooms.

The Mushroom Man of Peotone microfarm is a registered USDA facility fully permitted to ship fungal isolates within the lower 48 states.

DISCLAIMER My INDOOR/OUTDOOR growing kits (Lion's Mane, oyster, and shiitake) are guaranteed to produce mushrooms when included care instructions are followed. For OUTDOOR grow kits I guarantee that you will receive clean, vigorously growing mushroom spawn of the species you order.


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